Criminal Investigations (CID)

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The Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division (C.I.D.) is responsible for the follow-up investigations of misdemeanor and felony complaints.


The division is composed of one Lieutenant, two Sergeants and ten Detectives.  Our investigators are trained to solve specialized crimes including homicide, child abuse, sexual assault and computer/internet crimes.  They aim to clear as many cases as possible by interviewing witnesses and suspects, recovering stolen property, preparing cases for prosecution, and collecting and preserving evidence found at major crime scenes.

File a Police Report

If you have been a victim of a crime in the city of Pflugerville, you are encouraged to contact the Pflugerville Police Department at 512-990-6700 to make a report.  The report will be forwarded to a Criminal Investigations Division sergeant for review before being assigned to a detective. The detective will then contact the individual who made the report to obtain follow up information.

If you have made a report but have not been contacted by a detective, you may check the status of your case by calling or emailing one of the Sergeants listed below.

If you already know the name of the detective assigned to your case, call the main CID number at 512-990-6730 to be transferred or to leave a message for the detective.

Contact Us

Lt. Kevin Rowley - - 512-990-6833

Sgt. Skip Welch - - 512-990-6835

Sgt. Kevin Reiff - - 512-990-6828


If you have narcotics-related information or questions, you may contact the Narcotics Tip Line at 512-990-6776 or email If you are aware of narcotics activity as it is taking place, please call dispatch at 512-990-6700 (opt 0) or 911 in case of emergency. Information that will be helpful to officers includes: addresses, vehicle descriptions, license plate numbers, and descriptions of individuals involved.

Information on Specific Crimes

To find out more information on these specific crimes and what is needed by the Criminal Investigations Division in order to investigate these crimes, follow the links below:

For more information on the Misuse of Identity Expunctions and the Stolen Identity File click the links provided.