Traffic Division

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Traffic UnitThe Traffic unit of the Pflugerville Police Department is responsible for enforcement of traffic laws.

Submit a Request for a Traffic Enforcement Campaign

If you see areas where there are frequent speeding issues, traffic violations or unsafe behavior and want Pflugerville Police to check it out, submit a Traffic Enforcement Campaign Request.

Traffic Tips?

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Common traffic mistakes:

Not yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks - If no traffic signal is in place, vehicles must yield to a pedestrian crossing the roadway if the pedestrian is on the half of the roadway in which the vehicle is traveling, or if the pedestrian is approaching so closely from the opposite half of the roadway as to be in danger. You can face a fine and community service. (TC § 552.003)

Leaving children in a car - It is a ticketable offense to leave a child age 7 or under in a vehicle without an individual who is 14 years of age or older for more than five minutes. Plus in Texas heat, it's NEVER smart to leave a child, pet or any human inside of a car without proper ventilation. It doesn't take but 5 minutes for that car to get unbearably hot. You could get a ticket and this is a Class C misdemeanor. (PC § 22.10)

Passing a parked emergency vehicle - Emergency vehicles include stationary tow trucks and Texas Department of Transportation vehicles, not just police, fire and ambulances. Drivers should vacate the lane closest to the vehicle when driving on a highway with two or more lanes traveling in the direction of the vehicle or slow to 20 miles per hour less than the posted speed limit. (TC § 545.157)

Incorrect use of booster seats and seat belts - Everyone riding in the front seat and back seat of a car should be wearing a seatbelt. For children, the law requires all children under 8 age, shorter than 4 feet 9 inches tall to use a child safety seat. (TC § 545.412)

Failing to yield to emergency vehicles with lights and sirens on - If an emergency vehicle is in route to an emergency, the siren and/or lights will flash. Move your car to the side of the road, or to the far right lane to allow a clear lane of traffic for the emergency vehicle to use. Stop and remain standing until the authorized emergency vehicle has passed. Do not race in front of the emergency vehicle. Do not pull out in front of a vehicle with a siren on at an intersection - even if you have a green light. That emergency vehicle is on its way to save a life or respond to an emergency. Cutting in front of an emergency vehicle and not giving right-of-way to the vehicle will result in a ticket. (TC § 545.156)

Using cell phones in a school zone - Drivers may not use a cell phone in a school zone unless they are stopped or using a hands-free device. (TC § 545.425)

The Traffic Division is under the supervision of Sgt. Scott McKissack -