Professional Standards Unit

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Professional Standards is responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, internal affairs investigations, use of force reviews and vehicle fleet maintenance.


All new employees, both sworn officers, and civilian employees are assessed and go through a background investigation before being hired.

For more information on our recruiting process, visit our recruiting website.


In-service training is overseen by the Training Coordinator, Corporal Aaron Herrera.  Police Officers and Communications Operators are required by State mandate to complete in-service training benchmarks. Additional training is secured for officers to foster professionalism. Many officers obtain certifications and competencies in various specialty areas such as interviewing, criminal investigations, DWI enforcement, supervision, crime scenes, and child abuse investigations among many other topics.

Cpl. Aaron Herrera can be reached by phone at 512-990-6749 or email

Internal Affairs

The Professional Standards Unit is responsible for ensuring that the integrity of the Department is maintained through an internal system where respect, fairness, and compassion are assured. The Professional Standards conducts impartial investigations and reviews of all allegations of member misconduct or accusations against the department.

Internal Affairs investigations originate either internally within the Department, or through an external complaint. Each allegation is investigated by a Professional Standards Investigator. Upon completion of the investigation, the findings are sent to the Chief of Police for review, approval of recommendations, and dispositions contained in the investigation. The Chief of Police is the final authority within the Department for all Internal Affairs disciplinary action.

File a Complaint

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To contact the Professional Standards Unit by phone or via email

Sgt. Michael De La Rosa
Phone: 512-990-6736
Fax: 512-990-6494

Cpl. Tonya Reed
Phone: 512-990-6778
Fax: 512-990-6494