School District Officers

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What is a School District Police Officer?

The School District Police Officers are visible, active, law enforcement figures on campus who handle any law-related issues. They are also classroom resources for instruction in law-related education, violence diffusion, safety programs, alcohol and drug prevention, crime prevention and other areas.

School District Police Officers are members of the faculty and administrative team working to solve problems in the school community. Acting as a resource to teachers, parents, and students for conferences on an individual basis, and dealing with individual problems or questions, officers provide a supportive role in maintaining campus security and safety. They can serve as a counseling resource in areas which may affect the educational environment but may be of a law-related nature.

School District Police Officers are valuable liaisons with the police department and help provide community-oriented policing services for the schools and the surrounding community.

The main goals of the School District Police Officer program are:

  • Reduce juvenile delinquency through close personal contact with students on a daily basis.
  • Bridge the gap between police officers and young people, while increasing positive attitudes toward law enforcement.
  • Teach the value of our legal system.
  • Promote respect for people and property.
  • Reduce juvenile crime by helping students formulate an awareness of the rules, authority, and justice.
  • Take a personal interest in students and their activities.
  • Allow students access to the legal system.
  • Give students a realistic picture of laws and the legal system so they will have an investment in supporting and improving it.
  • Teach students how to avoid becoming a victim through self-awareness and crime prevention.

Pflugerville ISD Police Department Staff

Chief Patrick Petherbridge

Lieutenant Colin Sacksteder

Sergeant Adam Boyd

Sergeant Jimmy Gary

Sergeant Jules Greagrey

Detective Crystal Helenberg

K9 Officer Ramon Garcia

K9 Officer Robert Wilson

Officer Brian Ercoline

Officer Corey Shaum

Officer Cory Jester

Officer Sonia Ramirez

Officer Jason Lopez 

Officer Jonathan Gardner

Officer Ramon Belmares

Officer Raymond Hernandez

Officer Robert Kauff

Officer Steve Soliz

Officer Terry Ivy

Officer Terry Walker

Officer Wesley Shipman

Officer Zena Keeling-Bryant


 Anonymous Alerts

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