K-9 Unit

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The Pflugerville Police Department K-9 Section provides trained police canines that assist in the prevention and detection of crime, locating of persons sought by the Police, and for such other duties as directed by policy and the Chief of Police.

A K-9 is a working dog which has been trained to execute specific law enforcement-related tasks which use the dog's speed, agility and sense of smell. A K-9 handler is an officer trained in the care, handling, and training of a Police K-9. Officer and K-9 teams are required to remain together at all times. Officers have kennels at their residence so they can care for their pfurry partner while off-duty.

The Pflugerville Police Department currently has two Narcotics Detection K-9's. These dogs undergo specialized K-9 training that is dedicated to searching, finding and indicating the presence of controlled substances. These dogs are not trained in any form of protection, but may be trained for trailing work.

Assisting Other Agencies

It is the policy of the PPD K-9 Section to respond to requests for assistance from other agencies whenever possible. Requests for assistance will be approved by the on-duty supervisor. All requests will be routed through the Police Department Communications Section, to a supervisory officer.

It is the policy of the PPD K-9 Section to assist other agencies in the organization and training of their own K-9 sections. All requests for assistance of this nature should be sent to the Supervisor who will contact the person requesting assistance and arrange for reasonable assistance to be provided.