Beat the Heat

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Temperatures in the area have soared above 100 degrees and are expected to remain there for several weeks. Please take precautions to watch for the heat.

Heat SafetyHeat Safety

  • Best to stay indoors in air conditioning if possible.
  • Take extra precautions if you must work or spend time outside.
  • Know the signs and symptoms of heat stroke and heat exhaustion.
  • Young children and pets should never be left unattended in vehicles under any circumstances.
  • Be sure to hydrate and drink plenty of water before, during and after going outside.

If walking your pet, consider in the later evening when the sun is setting and temperatures are cooler. Place the back of your hand on the sidewalk surface to make sure it isn't too hot for your pet.

City facilities to keep cool

In the event of a power outage or if you are in need of a cooler location, consider the Pflugerville Recreation Center, 400 Immanuel Road, and Pflugerville Public Library, 102 10th Street, as options to keep cool.

If you experience a power outage

If your power goes out, please call Oncor or your power provider. Oncor has a power outage map located on their website at

Heat Cramps

Signs: Muscle pains or spasms in the stomach, arms, or legs.
Actions: Go to a cooler location. Remove excess clothing. Take sips of cool sports drinks with salt and sugar. Get medical help if cramps last more than an hour.

Heat Exhaustion

Signs: Heavy sweating, paleness, muscle cramps, tiredness, weakness, dizziness, headache, nausea or vomiting, or fainting.
Actions: Go to an air-conditioned place and lie down. Loosen or remove clothing. Take a cool bath. Take sips of cool sports drinks with salt and sugar. Get medical help if symptoms get worse or last more than an hour.

Heat Stroke

Signs: Extremely high body temperature (above 103 degrees) taken orally; red, hot, and dry skin with no sweat; rapid, strong pulse; dizziness; confusion; or unconsciousness.
Actions: Call 911 or get the person to a hospital immediately. Cool down with whatever methods are available until medical help arrives.